Modeling and UV work

I have been working on models and graphics for games. I took Unity and Unreal for a spin and like them both, but that is without diving in and trying to learn the system. I would give the nod to Unreal at first looking, simply because a lot of what I attempted to do by intuition worked, that speaks well about the user interface: Honestly though, I have heard pro and con about both, but after a week with the two they seem pretty similar in design, function and abilities.

I tried CopperCube too, as well as GameGuru. If you want to make a FPS game, either will get you going very quickly; spending so much time learning RAD, and all the ins and outs, I can do nearly anything I want in a few minutes. If it could handle larger files, a 64 bit version, I would never switch. I switched to Ultimate Unwrap 64 bit and I love it. I also ripped a version of the Open FX modeler, just the modeler, to use as my basic modeler. It imports what I need and works great.


Enjoy the day and I hope next week is a good one for you, Dell…

OFX Wasteland 3D model build

I finished up a wasteland model tonight, it took just under a week to build and UV it…

I finished up a wasteland model tonight, it took just under a week to build and UV it…

I built the model in OFX 2019:

Open FX 2019. An open modeler with a built in animation suite. A complete Model and Animation solution in one package.

OFX has a built in animation suite and UV module as well…

Below, my next Wasteland model I began tonight. A bus-bug model; kind of VW bus with a front engine bay and hood and a pickup rear built in, just started the pieces for it and have a way to go…


A complete Direct X Road System with UV’s: There are very many bonus pieces, including a complete untextured test track I built to test physics in RAD.

Complete Road System 3DS format, Apocalypse UV: A complete road system in the 3DS format. All the main road pieces are textured in the shown Apocalypse map.

Abandoned Taxi Cab – Direct X with image maps: A taxi I built in OFX to use in the RAD City project. This is Direct X and includes the image maps.

Red Muscle car – Direct X format with image maps: A red muscle car built in OFX and used in RAD. This model is mid poly, Direct X, includes the image map.

Police car pack – Direct X format with UV’s: A 4 pack model set of police cars. Built in OFX for RAD in the Direct X format.

Six tire and rim setups Lo-Poly: Six tire and rim setups that were built for RAD. I use them on models in the game. These files can be easily animated and used in the RAD add-ons folder. All Direct X.

City in Direct x format with all UV’s: A textured city layout. Roads, curbs, sidewalks, buildings, underground sewer area that can be driven through. Bridges, and a few undeveloped areas you can build on or add to.

Low Poly Prop cars – Direct X with UV’s: 7 Low Poly vehicles in Direct X format with UV maps.

3 Buses, 1 RV, 3 Cars.

The Wastelands Collection. 4 Direct X models. 4 models I built for an Earth’s Survivors game I am working on. All 4 are Direct X and include the UV files.

Lo-Poly Building set Direct X. A set of low poly buildings suitable for backgrounds in your games. All models are in the Direct X format and include the UV files.

Low Poly off road vehicles. 5 pack. This is a pack of five lo-poly models built for and used in the off-road demo made with Rad and OFX.

Rad Game Engine with dependencies. This is a game engine that anyone can use. If you are looking to learn how to easily build 3D games, check out RAD.

Open FX 2019. An open modeler with a built in animation suite. A complete Model and Animation solution in one package.

TrackMania Racing

I have been having a blast with TrackMania the last few days. If you love arcade style car racing like I do, building your own tracks, cars and competing against millions of people world-wide, this is your game.
There are several flavors of this game and I have tried them all. Some will not work on some machines, so I will stick to the two that I know will work on Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10. Some of the others may work if you are running XP, and if you are a Linux fan, yes, you can get TrackMania on Linux via the software loader too. You can also get TrackMania on Steam (As I did) and then if you happen to get a version that will not work (As I did) you can request a refund from Steam (I did and I got it within a few hours).
So the two that will work on 7, 8 and 10 are TrackMania Nations Forever (Free on both Steam and from the website.).
And TrackMania United Forever which is the full version.


So, what are the differences in the two. Quite a bit. You can edit and create tracks in both versions. You can import cars and paint in both versions. You will not have access to the advanced track editor and the ability to play in Stunt Mode, Platform Mode, Race Mode or Puzzle mode. You may not believe it but there are millions of users world-wide of both games and you can play against any of them.
For me the advanced editor and the extra terrains and tracks was worth it. Less than $40.00 at the Nadeo site and just under $30.00 on steam.
I purchased the United version and then did a search on the web and found thousands of add-ons from fans, Nadeo and fanatics all around the world. Want to drive a Camaro?
Go to the Car Park…
And download one. There are instructions to tell you how to do it. It isn’t rocket science, just put the zipped car file in the correct directory and when you next start the game it is there for you to race with.
NASCAR fan? Yes, there is a base of NASCAR fans that hold races and have their own tracks you can add.
In the games the editors are built right in, you don’t have to search them out and pay more for them. Making a new track is very straight forward. Making your own car is not. If you are a modeler you can easily find the directions on how to do it, build it and then have it in the game. There is a module to paint cars, and the Zipped skins included with the model are in the DDS (Direct Draw) format and so you can get the DDS add-on for GIMP and edit or make new skins as you choose. In the paint editor you can simply unwrap the car and paint it a different color.
The Racing: The racing is pure adrenaline based arcade style. My son Josh got me playing an old DOS based game called Stunts (I still have it) and this game reminds me of that vastly updated for modern graphics and game play. Check it out on Steam or the Nadeo websites and I hope you enjoy it. Dell…